Top Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Can Try

If you are having some problems with your teeth that cause you to have lower self-confidence, hindering you to put a smile on, you probably want to experience cosmetic dentistry.  


Cosmetic dentistry provides anyone with different methods that suit a particular problem. It includes procedures from dental veneers, tooth bleaching, braces, enamel bonding, to non-procedural methods like putting on a flipper tooth or temporary veneers. It is rather elective than essential, and focuses not on the functionality of the teeth and mouth, in general, but the aesthetics that enables you to have more self-confidence.  


The following are the five cosmetic dentistry procedures you can try next time you visit your clinic.  


Dental Veneers 

Dental veneers can either be temporary or permanent. Temporary veneers are removable and easier to install. Unlike the permanent veneers that take up to three visits, temporary veneers do not need a dentist to install.  


Permanent veneers can be made of composite resin or porcelain, which the latter is more expensive but durable. The procedures involve the dentist creating a mold to mimic your natural teeth and removing a layer of your enamel to bond the material to your teeth.  


Tooth Bleaching 

This teeth-whitening procedure is the most popular and tried by people who want to achieve whiter teeth. It is ideal for individuals who need nothing more than brightening their teeth and can be done by a dentist or through using over-the-counter teeth bleaching products. 


Enamel Abrasion 

Just like bleaching, enamel abrasion involves removing and correcting the teeth discoloration and is an ideal procedure to remove outside stains caused by months of years of drinking wine, soda, tobacco or coffee.  


However, enamel abrasion is not effective in removing stains inside the teeth; although the cosmetic dentist will be able to recommend and advise you which removal product is best for you. 


Invisalign Braces 

This material is made of clear and flexible, medical-grade plastic that mimics the function of dental braces. This is an ideal option for adults as unlike traditional braces, it is not overly visible to other people, thanks to its transparent feature.  


Traditional and Invisalign braces are not only for aesthetics but they also effectively correct teeth misalignments. In fact, after wearing traditional braces for years and having them put off, the patient is required to put on the Invisalign braces to maintain the shape of the teeth.  


Enamel Bonding 

This cosmetic dentistry is the best alternative for individuals who have deeply stained teeth that cannot be removed by teeth bleaching or enamel abrasion. The composite bonding material is similar to what white dental fillings are using and can be molded to shape in order to ensure a perfect fit and alignment.  


One con of this material is that the enamel bonding does not stay long just like your dental veneers, and is only good for not-so-long results.  



Cosmetic dentistry has been providing hope to some individuals who wish to have whiter and flawless teeth. From normal people to celebrities, those five procedures have already bee tried. So, if you want to have a brighter smile, consider having one of those five. 


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